Section 230 Matters

Tell Congress To Stop SESTA And Protect Internet Safe Harbors

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We represent internet innovators and platform operators.

The Copia Institute and Engine Advocacy are joined by a wide variety of internet platform operators in urging the Senate to stop SESTA:

Afilias, Inc. — Registery operator of the .info, .org and .mobi TLDs, and provider of international domain name registry services.
Application Developers Alliance — Advocacy group for a global network of over 75,000 software developers.
Applied Innovations — Managed cloud hosting experts providing services to thousands of businesses.
Automattic — Operators of, one of the world's largest blogging platforms.
Change Catalyst — Provider of education, mentorship and funding for diverse, inclusive and sustainable innovation.
Cloud Linux Inc. — Provider of web hosting and data center software for over 4,000 customers.
Cloudflare — Provider of CDN, DNS & DDoS protection to over 6-million websites.
ConferenceEdge — Event management, marketing and payment platform for businesses.
cPanel, Inc. — Creator of one of the world's most widely used web hosting control panels.
DiscountASP — Award-winning ASP.NET hosting experts with over 20 years of experience.
Dropsuite Limited — Cloud-based website and email backup and recovery service providers.
Endurance International Group — Global family of hosting, design, email marketing and other service providers.
Enplug — Makers of digital display software enabling real-time social media interaction for brands.
Fastly, Inc. — Content delivery network provider for websites, mobile apps and APIs.
GitHub — Provider of the world's leading software development platform for source code management.
Green Olive Tree — Dedicated server management and web hosting providers for businesses of all sizes.
HandyNetworks — Managed cloud hosting and data center service provider for clients on over 40 countries.
Internet Archive — Non-profit digital library of books, movies, music, and 304-billion archived websites.
Kickstarter — The leading crowdfunding platform for creative projects from around the world.
LegiNation — Provider of BillTrack50, a free online legislation research tool for professionals. — Data center operators and provider of voice, internet and colocation services for businesses.
Macknet & Associates — Software developers with 15 years of experience.
Medium — Online publishing platform for thousands of blogs with 60-million unique monthly readers.
MEDL Mobile — Designers and developers of high-end custom mobile apps for iOS and Android.
Meetup — Social networking portal facilitating offline group meetings around the world.
New Tech Northwest — Monthly community meetup and networking event for innovators and technologists.
Nextdoor — Community-focused private social networking service for local neighbourhoods.
Nology Networks — Provider of cloud hosting and data center services and consulting.
NVCA — National Venture Capital Association and voice of the American VC community.
Pantheon — Web hosting and management provider for Drupal and WordPress-based websites.
Patreon — Membership-based crowdfunding platform used by over 50,000 artists and creators.
Phantasma VR — Developers of virtual reality technology for interactive, social-driven experiences.
Rackspace — Provider of managed cloud-based and dedicated computing and hosting services.
Reddit — Social news aggregation, rating and discussion platform with over 200-million monthly users.
SingleHop — Provider of hosted private cloud and on-demand services with over 4,000 clients in 114 countries.
SiteGround - SG Hosting Inc. — Web hosting service provider for over 800,000 web domains.
SoftLayer — Provider of high-performance cloud infrastructure for storage, big data and more.
Starry — High-speed internet service provider and makers of the Starry Station wi-fi router.
Steadfast Networks — Provider of dedicated servers, data center colocation, virtualization, cloud hosting and more.
Tucows — Early internet pioneer and world's second-largest domain registrar.
Weebly — Blog and website publishing and hosting platform for over 20-million sites.
Wonder International Inc. — Software company with expert developers and creatives in six countries. — Subscription-based distribution platform for video and music streamers and other creators.

To learn more, view our resource list with statements from numerous companies, organizations and individuals.