Section 230 Matters

Tell Congress To Stop SESTA And Protect Internet Safe Harbors

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Weakening safe harbors will undermine the future of the internet.

The Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act of 2017, recently introduced in the US Senate, has a laudable goal — but The Copia Institute and Engine Advocacy, along with a variety of internet platform operators, firmly believe that its proposed modifications to Section 230 of the CDA will be counterproductive to that goal, and will incur severely damaging side effects.

We support efforts to end human trafficking, and want to work with Congress to craft targeted, effective solutions.
The tech industry has been deeply engaged in anti-trafficking programs that have proved highly impactful.
Section 230's safe harbors are critical to internet innovation, and designed to encourage moderation and filtering.
Expanding liability for platform operators will encourage a barrage of frivolous lawsuits, chilling innovation.
Changing Section 230 will have a widespread impact and will be especially devastating for startups and new entrants.
Section 230 provides no immunity for federal crimes — violations of trafficking laws can already be prosecuted.

To learn more, read our open letter, and view our resource list with statements from numerous companies, organizations and individuals.